Hello from Tacoma, WA!

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    Feb 11, 2012
    Hi may name is Kay and I have two new hens, Imbolc and Ostara. The legal max in the city limits is 3 hens (no rooster!) but my lot is not very big. I have a garden and I have been thinking about getting chickens for awhile. My cat passed away last fall and I have been talking to a black and yellow striped orb spider that has taken up residence in my kitchen pop-out window all winter, but I needed a snugglier companion. It was fate that brought me my snugglechicken, Imbolc. She was found running around on the city streets as a stray chicken, was turned in to a vet clinic where they kept her for awhile and tried to find her owner, was adopted by a friend who tried to put her in general population but feared for her safety (she was pecked hardcore), and finally she came to me. She is the sweetest, most snuggly little red Ameraucana hen. She hangs out in the house sometimes and likes to sit on my shoulder or my head. I perch her on the back of a dining chair while I am making dinner. I have had her about a week now and we have built a pretty cool little roost and run, so I decided to get her a friend. I work during the day and hated to think about Imbolc all by her lonesome in the chicken run. So I put an ad online and today I brought home an Australorpe hen who was also at the bottom of the pecking order where she had been living. I named her Ostara. She is a pretty black hen with a beetle green sheen. I am introducing the hens now, and so far, so good. Ostara is a little older and has asserted dominance but she is not very convincing, lol. I have them in separate enclosures side by side for the first night. Tomorrow we will all be free ranging in the garden together, and I hope it goes well.
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    Welcome from a neighbor in Renton

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    Colorado Springs, Co
  4. Howdy from Austin, Texas.

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    Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan [​IMG]
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    [​IMG]from Kentucky!
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    thanks for the warm welcome everyone! the chicken intro is going okay. but ostara definitely intends to assert her dominance over imbolc. i am new to chickens and its hard to watch. imbolc is smaller and younger, but she is my snugglechicken and i don't like seeing ostara come at her. once today she flew at imbolc and came down on top of her with her talons out. i intervened. when i am out in the yard with them, they are okay scratching around as long as ostara doesn't come toward imbolc with that gleam in her eye. if she does, imbolc flies right to the top of my head. i have ostara resting in her (separate) coop right now and imbolc is on her favorite day perch, the back of a kitchen chair. am i hurting imbolc's chances of standing up for herself by protecting her and spoiling her? will ostara really hurt her out in the yard or is she just showing off? can i make ostara think i am the alpha chicken? (she's not very smart :( )
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    Hi Kay! [​IMG] from S. Florida! Its great to have you here with us!

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