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Mar 8, 2011
Oneida, TN
Good morning all. My family and I just started building our coop yesterday evening. I am very excited to get some laying hens. I have decided to get 4 different Hens. Leghorn, road island red, Dominique and speckled Sussex. We live in a small town called Oneida. Its about an hour north west of Knoxville. I have been looking around this site for a couple of weeks now. I have enjoyed looking at all the coops and getting ideas for my own. Our size coop is 3x6. I wanted a 4x8 but my husband quickly talked me out of it. lol. Will explain that when I can post pictures! Pictures to come soon!! Thanks for all the great info so far.!!

Thanks for your time,

P.S Still looking for some 14x21 windows. If anyone knows were I can find some at a good price!
Welcome to BYC. I've driven through Oneida many years ago heading up to Jamestown to visit a friend (took the long way around)...some of the most beautiful country I've ever seen! ETA: Wish we could move there, just too cold for us though.
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Wekcine Kelly!
I don't know if you have this but............we live about fifty miles from Springfield, MO. and they have Habitat for Humanity buildings where they pull out the old (but very good shape stuff) windows, doors, flooring, light fixtures, etc. We have found screen doors there and they have tons of windows. Prices run around 10 dollars per window/door unless real fancy or large. Look them up in the nearest big city around you.
Thanks for all the Welcomes. I chose those Chickens because they are listed as good laying hens. My husband had dominiques growing up. So he said he would like to have one. I think the speckled Sussex is so pretty and I couldn't leave it out. I really don't know a thing about chickens. I have been self educating my self. Doing a lot of reading about them and what they need. So I will be prepared for them. I have found a farm that is I think about 2 hours from here and they have the pullets I want. We are also thinking about a Sebright pair of bantams. Silver or Gold. I would also like to have a pair of Guinea's. Had them when I was younger. They are great tick eaters and watch dogs! lol. But I dont want to over whelm my self from the start. So im thinking get the Hens and go from there.

Windows.....I have searched craigslist and golsn.com for them. There is a new Habitat store opening in Knoxville. I seen it this weekend. Maybe they will open soon and have some.

Welcome from the UK

Your coop is the same size as the one i just finished & yes I want 4 hens too.

What age birds are you after & how easy is it to find 4 different breeds out your way ?


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