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7 Years
May 31, 2012
Hi Everyone, Im new to the forums so I thought Id give an introduction.
I have been around chickens for about 3 years now because my fiance had some when I moved in with him. It wasnt until about a year ago that I really started falling for these wonderful birds.
We have recently added some new members to our small farm. Besides adding 5 new Ameraucana chickens to our family, we have also added 5 new Silkie chickens.
I have always liked the Silkies but never dreamed I would actually have them. I didnt know anything about them other than they were cute and fluffy :)
On one of our many trips to the feed store one day. The Owner pulled me to the side to show me this adorable baby solid black chicken someone dropped off, as soon as I saw this baby I knew it was a silkie and got very excited. She told me that she was thinking of keeping this girl for herself but decided to let me adopt her if I wanted her. Boy did I !!!!!! She said that a dog had gotten hold of the baby chicks and this was the lone survivor, so into a box she went and came home with me.
She was already so sweet and lovable and wanted to just be loved on.
So began the research into the silkie world, and wow what a world it is! So many colors and standards and people showing them, bearded, non-bearded etc etc. I was hooked. I decided that I had to have a few more and found them in a small town not far from me. So I am now the proud parent of 1 black silkie, 2 white silkie, one of which is a rooster and 2 black and white paints
Im not real sure about the tiny black silkie we rescued from the feed store but she seems to be half the size of the others.
She is extremely spoiled and wants only to be with me. She gets along great with the others and they hang out but when it comes to eating the rooster seems to run her off and wont let her near. Any ideas???
The 2 paints are 5 weeks, the 2 whites are 8 weeks and Im not sure about the little black girl ( whom we call C.C. )

Here are a couple pictures of the new kids


This is C.C.

Hello and :welcome

What you describe might just be the usual pecking order among chickens, larger ones will tend to pick on smaller ones. You could try having a separate food dish for the smaller silkie if she's getting chased away. :)

Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have, and enjoy the site. :D

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