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Jun 2, 2010
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Hi everyone,

I'm new to backyard chickens. We downloaded plans and built a chicken ark and recently acquired 5 young pullets. My husband has more experience keeping chickens than I do, but I've actually done a lot of reading ahead of time for the last 6 months so that I can be better prepared to care for our little flock.

All 5 of our birds are different breeds, no roosters. We have an ameraucana, a white leghorn, a Rhode Island red, a welsumer, and a barred rock. So far, the barred rock is the friendliest and most personable. She comes to the edge of the chicken ark when I go outside and call to the chickens to give them treats.

There are several families on our street who keep chickens, and nobody in the neighborhood seems to mind. They're quiet for the most part. The ones down the street are TRUE free range birds and wander the neighborhood freely. I'm a little too protective for that due to predators, but our girls will be allowed to roam about freely in our rather roomy back yard! They'll have access to bugs, garden scraps, all the little treats they love! There is a rooster about 3 doors down, and hearing him crow in the mornings has always been enjoyable for me ever since we moved here. In fact, having the chickens here in the neighborhood is one of the things that inspired me to go ahead and get some birds, as my husband and I have tossed around the idea of getting chickens for a couple of years now.

Before getting our birds, I did a lot of reading on the forums here on BYC as well as reading a lot of the great information available on the website. It really helped me get prepared for the girls before bringing them home.

Thank you all for the great posts and information available on this forum. I look forward to continuing to learn from the posts here as well as share any information I come across along the way.

Chicken lovers unite. Bock bock.
Oh you are so cute!! I have a few barred rocks as well and they are definitely the most friendly!! They follow me EVERYWHERE!! and I love it of course!! I also have a RIR she is queen of the flock, but she is the most aggressive layer as well, she means business when it comes to laying eggs!!
You will get BEAUTIFUL terracotta colored eggs from that welsummer!!
I don't know too much about the leghorn accept they have been bread for production so you will probably get lots of big white eggs from her
OOOOHHHH!! and just wait until that Ameraucana lays you the most beautiful green/blue egg!! It is awesome!!

Welcome to this great addiction!! from Washington!!
Hello and welcome! It sounds like you have a lovely flock! I'm new to BYC too, and we haven't yet finished our coop for our girls. I have 2 RIRs that are currently at my parents' house. They are full grown as we have had the chickens there for years. I hope that you enjoy BYC!
Welcome to BYC! Where are you located? I'm in Penn Valley, not far from Sacramento myself.
I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your girls so far, and it's great you did plenty of research before getting them! The information here is certainly wonderful, as well as having such a friendly community of fellow chicken lovers! I hope you have a good time on BYC.

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