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Hi everyone! I have been on BYC for a few months now but I have not introduced myself yet. My name is Angelica and my family and I live in upstate NY, 40 minutes east of Albany and 20 minutes from Bennington, VT. We have an elderly corgi dog named Kaesi and since April, we have six 9 week old chickens that we have grown to adore. They are a mix of breeds- buff orpingtons, red sex links and 2 I am not completely sure of (I have asked on here and answers vary- they are my two with the biggest and boldest personalities!)

We built our elevated coop with an attached run in our backyard. It's taken a while and we are almost entirely done with it but still need to finish a few odds and ends. We have a chicken cam in the coop now which gives me some added piece of mind! Our biggest goals were predator proofing everything and providing maximum comfort to the chickens.

The chickens bring me lots of joy and I love watching them grow and learning about their behaviors. This forum has been providing me with lots of knowledge and great reading. Thanks to all who are part of it :)


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