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Apr 10, 2014
Hi there! I am the proud owner of 7 chickens & 2 ducks, all living in harmony :) 2 barred rocks, 3 golden sexlinks, and 2 americana's. (The ducks are a cayuga & yellow buff). The chickens are 5 weeks old now, ducks are 4 weeks old. They all just moved into their new coop, which is a converted (8 x 10 feet) shed (painted to look like a barn), and a large attached run (10 x 12 feet) build by my husband. (who says he didn't want the chickens, but keeps finding new cool ways to help me make the coop more function-able). LOL! I try to spend a lot of time with them to keep them very friendly, and 1 of my my barred rock chicks (Chickapea) likes to hitch rides on my shoulder (I will post pics).
I currently have a mixture of shavings & straw in the coop, but I am going to switch over to sand this weekend. What is every one's preference? I need to keep it very clean (and non-smelly) since I am in a residential area, not in the country. But I am on 1/3 acre & my zoning does allow chickens :)
Thanks for any input I can get!

Welcome to BYC!

Here here....big sand fan!! I worship the stuff. Yes, it keeps the smells nearly non existent, it will also keep the flies completely away, it stay dry even when wet, you can hose it down in the summer and the birds will stay incredibly cool. The birds love to scratch around in it looking for gizzard stones as well. You will LOVE sand! I use it in the coops, runs and even in the nest boxes!!

Enjoy your new babies! And welcome to our flock!
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Sounds like you have a cute little flock! I love sand/gravel in the runs. In the coop we do use shavings, easier to clean for me and seems warmer in the winter. We have to buy sand in our area, if it was free I might be rethinking using sand in the coop in the summer. Regular straw seems to mat too much for my liking, never really tried chopped straw.
Thank u all for your input! I really had no idea I'd enjoy these little gals so much! :) Also, I am just getting the sand from the beach (we are 1/2 mile away). It's free!!!! :) They will be "surfer" chicks! lol :)
Let me know how the sand goes. have 3 chickens and raising 3 baby chicks there just adorable! the smell is annoying. i'm in Ventura too. didn't think of beach sand. Awesome idea!!!

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