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    ok so here I am sitting down to type this out, I've been a silent member for awhile and peeked in BYC before that, So I have had a long and extended case of chicken fever :p waiting for the move to the new house settling in ect ect, three years of rather intensive research later I'm finishing the last bits of my coop and it's winter!! where are all the chicks omg I have to wait until spring? ok a bit more patience, but maybe since I cant find the breeds I want right now maybe a couple chicks of a local barnyard mix just to break in the coop over winter, worse case a nice meal over winter, start training the dogs get a mini chicken fix. anyways the chickens I would like and hoping will work well are, for my rooster I'd like to have a buff Brahma, a hen as well, orpingtons, astrlops, wyndott, americona's a,d speckled sussex I would love to hear from ppl on their thoughts of the breeds any issues with them as mixed flock, I have a big case of chicken fever and want to do things right , my objective is to have lotsa eggs and some meat for the freezer with a sustainable flock and lotsa chicken fun along the way :) I am also a avid gardener so they will be my lil garden helpers as well in a permaculture garden. here's a pic of the coop still have the free range area to fence, and my garden . Please feel free to share info of things you might feel is important for me to be aware of as a new chicken owner :) thanks so much nice to meet everyone :)[​IMG]

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    Welcome to BYC![​IMG] We're glad to have you.

    Be sure to check out the Learning Center for information on keeping chickens (if you haven't already): Learning Center Articles For many reviews on all those different breeds, look at the Breeds section: Chicken Breeds.

    All of the breeds you've picked out are excellent! Out of the ones you listed, I've kept Wyandottes and an Ameraucana (actually, and Easter Egger, but most Ameraucanas that you find are actually Easter Eggers). They've gotten along pretty well together. I am a big fan of the Wyandottes, and they're my favorite breed. Mine have been excellent egg layers even though they are now four years old, are beautiful birds, and are very personable and inqusitive. I enjoy their personalities the most of all my chickens. I'm not sure how cold it is in Washington, but Wyandottes are extremely cold hardy and mine have survived below zero temperatures easily. I would definitely recommend the Wyandotte.

    My Easter Egger isn't quite as bold as my Wyandottes, but she's still a good layer of pretty greenish eggs. She's never had an issue with cold weather, either.

    Your other breeds listed have many devoted followers on here as well. In particular, the Orpingtons and the Australorps are often sweet and excellent layers. The Australorp is said to be the best egg layer of the dual-purpose breeds.
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    Welcome to BYC.
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    Hello there and welcome to BYC! [​IMG]

    I agree with Wyandottes, you have picked out some wonderful breeds! Chickens don't know they are of different breeds, so as long as you stick with all large fowl or small fowl, everybody should get along.

    Make sure to stick to the 4 square foot per bird rule in the coop, and 10 square foot per bird in the run. Chickens go off on each other easily when they feel cramped or cranky.

    And definitely stop by our learning center too. Lots of great articles on getting started and raising your new birds. Wyandottes has left you with the link for that as well.

    Enjoy this new adventure you are on and welcome to our flock!
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    my flock will be round 6, 7 adults (so not huge) n been thinking of maybe doing some spring broilers(in a tractor yet to be built), or what the flock might provide for chicks :) plus I am working on fencing off nearly half the backyard which is on a slope by the woods for them to free range and have access to from their coop and pen, the tractor can use to move them in a secure structure in area's of the property less chicken friendly (or if I plan and build it right beable to fit on my raised beds so they can have fun in the raised beds n help weed n debug n turn up the garden without getting into other beds I might need protected:) I know I have a billion slugs snails neetl;es and catapillars they will enjoy gobbling up :D
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    [​IMG] Glad you joined us!

    The breeds you've decided on all sound great to me! In particular, I recommend the Wyandottes. My Wyandottes have been excellent layers even as they've gotten older and have never had any egg laying problems. They've been very docile and hardy, too. Temperatures in my area have gotten much past 0 degrees without my Wyandottes getting any frostbite--their heavy feathering keeps them quite warm, and their small combs/wattles makes them less likely to freeze. Also, while they're not necessarily a hot weather bird, my Wyandottes have done well in temperatures exceeding 90 degrees F. Overall, they're my favorite bird.

    The other breeds you've selected should also be gentle, beautiful egg layers.

    Good luck with your future flock!
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    I really want the wyndottes for the pretty factor :) their plumage is soo gorgeous (all the other things have seen about them have been positive as well :) ) :)
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    What a cute coop--love the colors! I painted one of mine in purples too! :) Love your raised beds too! Whidbey is very pretty; I'm from WA state too!
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    Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC!

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