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Oct 17, 2010
Coleman County, Texas
Hello everyone. Im not totally a newbie to birds but no pro either lol. A friend told me about the forum/site...of which I bought a BEAUTIFUL Welsummer rooster from. I love having poultry and will frequent the site.

Live in Coleman county, Texas out in the country. When growing up we had chickens but I didn't again until 2 years ago. We (husband & 2 girls) live in the country so predators worried me but the dog (who I swears he thinks he is a chicken) protects them. We just love the fresh eggs and won't ever go back to store boughts again. I'd rather do without then have to use store eggs lol. I'm slowly getting my dark egg laying breeds down, as well as breeding/hatching dual purpose meat/egg birds. Plus they are great at grasshopper & cricket patrol.

Have (ok here goes) :
1 - older Barred Rock hen (big pet) plus the others were older and sold..kids made me keep her if i wanted to sell the rest, that was OK
9 - 2yr old (or so) Silver Laced Wyandotte hens
8 - Cuckoo Marans (6 pullets, 2 roos)
5 - Welsummers (4 pullets, 1 roo)
3 - Golden Laced Wyandotte pullets
2 - Polish Tophats (1 buff laced, 1 golden laced)
3 - Bantam Cochins (1 buff, 1 silver laced, 1 golden laced)
1 - Egyptian Fayoumis hen (she is small, looks bantam)

That is all.......for now lol

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from central Texas!
Welcome, Fellow Texian. I'd love to have some of those dark egg layers, but haven't worked myself up to it yet. Also, hi, to Tigerjane in Pflugerville - we're practically neighbors. I'm just NW of Austin.
Again, will somebody please tell me what the :s are about?
I live in Runnels County, Texas. Small world. My wife is wanting to get into Marins. We have 6 Sex Links , 3EE, 5 BO, 5 SLW, 3 BR.

This is our first year with chickens and we are really enjoying them and the eggs. My wife has been on BYC for some time (BOO BOOS MAMA). I joined the list today. It has been a real learning experience.

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