Hello from Western KY


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Sep 20, 2020
I'm a newbie, started 8/31/20 with 3 Polish that were maybe 3-4 wks old. I have a chicken mentor. She has had chickens for a long time. I have the 3 Polish and a young crisscross Cochin that was getting picked on at her former farm... So I have 4 now. Chickens are super cute pets. Eggs are a bonus. I would never raise anything for meat... Ever. My other hobbies are home DIY, hiking/nature, and travel. I have a min pin and a beagle, so two dogs and I have two adult cats. They are all very curious about the chickens. I am hoping they can all coexist peacefully when the chickens are grown. I am single with an adult son, widowed recently. I live in a subdivision but I am hoping to buy a 3 acre mini farm soon... If my offer is accepted.

I first
found the backyard chickens website when searching for how to figure out how old your chickens are. And then when you can figure out the gender. Found you on Fb after that. :)

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