Hello from Wickenburg, Arizona!

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    Dec 26, 2012
    Hello everyone! Brand new chicken momma here! I live in Wickenburg, AZ (about 45 minutes NW of PHX aka HOT HOT HOT in summer). I have spent a lot of time reading on coop designs and so much is focused on keeping them safe and warm that when I searched for ventilation articles it dawned on me that we have the opposite problem. Yes where I live does get cold, (even below freezing at night in the winter), while planning a 4 walled structure am I basically making a chicken oven they will cook in come summer? A few things I read stated that solid hardware cloth walls for 1 or more walls isn't a terrible idea. My biggest concern is keeping them safe though. We have a decent sized area to work with but I am not looking to spend a fortune. My biggest predators I am guessing are hawks and coyotes. Our neighbors have hens in a shoddy little area with a maybe 4' chicken wire fence, a tiny hen house/dog house thing they lock them in at night and have no problems so maybe coyotes don't like to jump 6' wire fences and I'll be ok? Anyways looking forward to learning and hopefully having a safe set up in about 4 weeks so my babes can move outside!

    Picture of one of my little babes


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