Hello from Wyoming


Jul 12, 2016
I grew up with layers and meat birds on the ranch. We drifted away from raising chickens until three years ago when my five year old grandson asked if he could have a small flock. The deal is that we will not winter chickens, so we buy chicks in the spring, feed them through the summer and butcher in the fall. We pick up a few novelty chicks and a few ducks for their entertainment value and the grandson sells them at a local auction at the end of summer. His mother worried that he would be traumatized when it came time to put them in the freezer, but it's been no problem at all. It has been a great learning experience for him, from taking care of the chicks to daily feed and water then butchering and preparing for the freezer, to finally consuming the bird. The cycle of life condensed into a 90 day window.
welcome to BYC!!! hope you enjoy the community! it is like a family!

What a great lesson for your GS!

What breeds do you raise?
Primarily, Red Rangers (50/50 cross between Cornish x and RIR) for the freezer, then a few Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, Black Polish and Silver Laced Polish to color up the flock. Also, we have a few Welch Harlequin, Blue Swedish and Mallard ducks. The Red Rangers go in the freezer and the rest, along with the ducks, are sold and go into the grandsons "chicken account".

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