Hello! I’m new to chickens.

Jun 7, 2020
Recently we got a few chickens. We originally had 4. (3 white leghorns, 1 ISA brown) They have all survived so far and are now 3-4 weeks old and are getting pretty big! Our neighbor (who is helping us raise the chickens) got us two black sex link chickens. They are now around 2 weeks old, I believe. However, they are males so we’re going to give them to my mom’s friend. Very recently we got 5 ameracauna chicks, their around 3-4 days old now and super cute! My neighbor is giving 3 of them to her sister, we’re keeping 2. So in all we will have 6 chickens.

I joined this site to help my chickens be as happy and healthy as they can be! I want to learn about different diseases and tips and tricks to keep them happy. Im sure this site will be great!

Thank you for reading!

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