Hello I lurked for a year or so :)


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8 Years
May 25, 2011
I thought it was about time I broke down and registered. I just started my flock last year and this forum was THE BEST and helped me tremendously and continues too! I am currently raising a flock of Welsummer Chickens. They are pretty good chickens and excellent layers. I just had one Hen go broody and stacked her with 9 eggs. I'm pretty excited about that yet not overly. I know nature sometimes makes it's own plans.

I have learned many life lessons by keeping chickens it has been an amazing journey so far. I would like to thank BYC for the wealth of knowledge and the wonderful people who contribute as well. TY
from Virginia!
Welcome!!! I'm getting a few more hens this weekend, one of which will be a Welsummer (I hope). I'm excited! I absolutely love this site, too. I have learned SO much from all the other chicken addicts!

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