Hello, I will finally introduce myself after 3 years lurking!

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  1. AthenasOwl

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    May 6, 2014
    Olympia, Washington
    I have been part of Backyard Chickens from the very start of having chickens the spring of 2014. We started out with 21 Buff Orpington, and 5 Easter Egger chicks. We live on a small farm, just outside of Olympia, Washington, and love our animals.

    Chicken math quickly took over and adding a few chicks here and there, everything from Sumatra's to Sea Brights to Light and Dark Brahmas, Black Sex Links, Turkens, recently inheriting Icelandic chickens, as well as adding heritage breed turkeys and geese to our small farm. We are not sure exactly how many chickens we do have, as we free range, and the predators have attacked..maybe around 75 or so, give or take? We have a wonderful farm dog, named Loki :lovewho has been a life saver, many times over (he is a pound puppy), but has never attacked a chicken, even though they have attacked him many times. My chickens have the attitude that they are the boss of all the other animals. I have a few special ones that have a very special spot in my heart that make my day..they are usually the more bull headed hens who really don't care what anyone thinks and will take what they want! 2 of which is one of my original flock, "Missy"..a buff Orpington (she comes inside, will lay her eggs in the house, and then want a treat, and go back outside! And she wont poo inside either!..she has done this from day one, and I do not know why she started this. She also has been known to steal raw meat out of a cats mouth, without blinking!) :eek:

    The other hen, is Fawn, my daughter's little silkie, she is very food motivated, and is a wonderful Mom..very strict, and will physically pick the chick up and put them where SHE wants them to be...but she doesn't get scared of the geese or anything if it involves food! I have seen her go in between the geese legs to snag a bite to eat! :lol:

    I have a rooster, named "Digby," who is a perfect roo (treated his hens like princesses, made sure they ate first, protected them...even fought off a coyote until I was able to get Loki outside to chase it off the rest of the way! He also has never tried to come at any of us)..but one of the turkeys attacked him :mad: and he had a horrible infection that resulted in his eye...he ended up losing eyesight in that eye.. :hitHe is now in the baby area where he helps raise the babies, and he is protected from the Turkeys, Geese, and other Roosters that would want to attack him..but he still has a job to do! I have some silkie hens as well as the Sea Brights in with him..but he is a big Buff Orpington that has a heart of gold! Took a long time to heal the infection, but he is worth it.

    Oh! I also have 2 goats a wethered Nubian and a Boar that cannot be bred because she had a c-section previously. They are pets only. Plus there are 4 cats, 3 children. A 17 year old son, a 13 year old son, and a 9 year old daughter.

    We sell eggs to a few neighbors, but it is very casual, as they like the taste and the fact that they know where the eggs come from and how the chickens are treated.

    I also have an Etsy store where I sell saddles that I make! What prompted me to start making them was when "Chicken Hawk" one of our Easter Egger hens, lost all her feathers and was injured by the roosters spur. I bought a couple saddles on Amazon, and they didn't work...they were a joke. I then contacted a person on here, she told me she no longer made saddles, and told me to take the design and created my own off of that...So I did!

    2 years later, I feel that I have perfected the design to the point that it works to a "T" and is durable. The snaps I use are "Made in the USA" and they are strong..I don't have a fear of them falling apart (unlike the Dritz snaps that I started out with)...I also have moved to finding only "Made in the USA" denim..although I am in a turnover stage, on this. I really do try to put quality before anything else.

    My Etsy Store is: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MagicalEweFarms?ref=hdr_shop_menu

    I really don't know if there is anything else to share...I have utilized BYC many times to help figure out what I can do in caring for my chickens, or to find out the correct dosage of a drug. I am thankful that I have this wonderful place for help..even though I have not posted much, and been a lurker. I realize that it doesn't matter how much you know about chickens, they will always surprise you with something new!
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    Feb 28, 2013
    Gone camping
    Hello and welcome to BYC nice to meet you.:frow
  3. AthenasOwl

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    May 6, 2014
    Olympia, Washington
    Hello, to you too!:frow
  4. Smuvers Farm

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    Feb 16, 2017
    TN/Western KY Border

    Glad you're STILL here!
  5. Bridger Davis

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    Jul 25, 2017
    Evans Colorado
    Hey! I'm Bridger D.; duck enthusiast and big reader! That's a good combo so if you need info on ducks, I'm your man! You can also talk to the experts like Chickens really, Miss Lydia, Sara Ranch, and Drumstick Diva. They'll help you out with your chicken, duck, and people problems! ; )) Have fun with BYC!
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    Hi and welcome to BYC:frow We're so happy you've stuck with us:ya Really liked your intro.:yesss:
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    My Coop
    Welcome to BYC!!
    So glad to have you here!!
    Thanks for sharing your story!!
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    Howdy:welcome:frow Happy :yato have you join the family. Enjoy your time here!:)
  9. Teila

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    G’Day from down under AthenasOwl :frow Nice to meet you and to get to know you a little.
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    Great introduction ! Glad that you have decided to become active in the forum. Welcome to BYC.

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