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I love chickens to death and i wont ever stop loving them.My parents call me the "Chicken massager"because i can pet chickens till they fall asleep in my arms.My chickens just resently died Becky,Fea Fea [short for fiona],And Bubbles the rooster.My [favorite chicken] chicken fea fea was a wyandotte.My chicken [oldest] Becky was an australorp chicken[striped like a zebra].my rooster was a bantam [black whith feathers at his feet].They got eaten by animals cause we live in the woods and for months now we got used to not closing the coop door[stupid of me]that the chickens finaly got eaten.i will shoot an animals that i see come near those chickens.My dad has a 22 calibre and he taught me how to shoot so now i can shoot an animal that come nears those chickens.every time the chickens got eaten i was crying for days but this last time i was furious.out me and my any way thats sort of about me and my chickens
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan :D

That is so sad about your chickens. As long as they are out or unprotected, there will ALWAYS be another predator. You might consider a secure run for your future birds, to give them safety and you peace of mind.
Hello and :welcome

I'm very sorry to hear about what happened to your birds. I hope you'll be able to start up again soon: I hear hardware cloth is good for predators, you could put that over a run.

Enjoy the site :)

So sorry to hear about your chickens. I also lost quite a few to predators. It's so awful. Hope you can get some new ones soon!

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