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Hello! I'm new. :)

Discussion in 'Quail' started by pulchritude, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. pulchritude

    pulchritude New Egg

    Jan 25, 2016
    I'm a meat rabbit breeder looking to get out of rabbits and into quail instead. Trying to get myself educated enough to get the switch done by March or April this year. Are there any tips or tricks or general knowledge that you could share with a total newbie? I'm particularly interested in feeding them 100% organically and giving them as natural and enjoyable a life as possible. Do you think I could convert my rabbit hutches to be quail dwellings, or should I sell those and start from scratch? I built my rabbit hutches, so it wouldn't be difficult to make a quail suited abode, but I do like to recycle where I can. ;) What sort of flooring is best for quail? What sort of things stress quail out (has anyone "tractored" them, or would that be a big no-no?)? How many quail would I have to raise in order to have meat and eggs for a family of 5 (say we ate it 2-4 times a month)? Does anyone here have knowledge of decent butchering methods for quail? (I apologize if this is a sensitive topic for anyone, but I would rather do it well than badly, if you know what I mean!)

    Many thanks for any wisdom you care to share!

  2. ChickenGrass

    ChickenGrass Chillin' With My Peeps

    Aug 16, 2015
    Republic of Ireland
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2016
  3. pulchritude

    pulchritude New Egg

    Jan 25, 2016
    I've been browsing the quail forum, thanks! :) Just thought I'd come out of hiding and see if any of the experts had any pearls of wisdom to pass out, lol.

  4. N F C

    N F C Home in WY Premium Member

    Dec 12, 2013
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