Hello, I'm Twigcrafter


May 5, 2016
Orange county NY
Hi, I guess I never introduced myself when I first joined.
My real name is Laura. I'm Not a very exciting person. lol. I feel funny typing about myself. I picked the name twigcrafter because I used to make grape vine wreaths. I Have too many chickens who hide most of their eggs now.
I also am raising meat birds. I don't name them, so harvest day isn't too bad. This is my first year doing it and It is quite the life experience. Last year i raised hogs.

I love to feed people, animals ,fish, ducks, chickens. I guess its the mother in me. If you ever came to my house I'd make you something to eat. :D


I'm coming Kathy!
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Jul 31, 2015
Houston, TX
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Hi Laura!
I feel the same way about feeding people!
I love to cook!

I look forward to your next process day pics!

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