Hello, it's me again...


In the Brooder
Jan 3, 2016
Hi guys,
Just wanted to say I haven't been on in a while and forgot the password to my old account and it was linked up to my old email address. So just to let you know, this is aggressiveAli saying hello again :)
Hello, nice to have you back!
@Ali18ob what part of Scotland are you in? My grandfather's family immigrated from Ayrshire (many years ago). I've always wanted to get over there to see it.
Glasgow, do they own a chicken selling company by any chance?

I don't know what they do over there. I only had one chance meeting with a couple of them when they were on a cruise and stopped in the shop I was working in. Their ship was getting ready to leave so we didn't have more than a couple minutes to chat.

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