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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Chiggity, Sep 28, 2015.

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    Sep 28, 2015
    So my dad and brother have brought a single, albino chicken from the local fair. I have absolutely NO idea how to take care of it, what to feed it, how to make it happy etc.
    I have literally no clue of anything with chickens. Currently, she's in the garage with a bowl of water and another bowl of seeds. I'm gonna make a nest of cloth for her so she can stay warm because I live in a colder part of Canada. whenever, I approach her, she lets out a low croaking (growling?) sound. What do I do?? Please help.
    Also, we live in a city, not a rural community.

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    Do you know how old it is?

    The best way to keep it happy, other than clean water, nutritious feed and fresh air is to give it friends. Chickens are flock animals and need other chickens to be happy.

    A complete chicken feed is what they need appropriate for the age of the chicken. Starter for young chicks, grower for growing birds and layer once egg laying commences.
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    Is she really albino (red eyes)? They are really, really rare. If she doesn't have red eyes, she could be a White Leghorn, White Rock, or Cornish cross.
    She needs to be fed chicken feed, not seeds. Bird seed and scratch grains will not provide her with enough nutrition. I suggest getting her a few more chicken friends. They are very social creatures, and they really need others of their kind. They do not do well if left on their own.
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    Aug 4, 2015
    I suggest finding out the breed and age, getting the correct feed, providing it with some straw to nest in, and possibly getting it another chicken friend. :)

    Chickens need:
    - Nesting/Bedding material (straw, wood chips)
    - Feed (depending on the age, birdseed and corn will not work as they don't provide all the nutrients needed)
    - Fresh water
    - Friends (They are flock animals and don't really do well alone. I do have one lone rooster though and he seems to be doing okay for now. So this may not be completely necessary.)

    You could always find someone you know that has chickens and give it to them that way you can still see the chicken but won't be responsible for caring for it.

    Good Luck!
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    Sep 28, 2015
    A friend might be nice for her. If u let her in the house with you while you sort out an out door area for her, she'll be happy following you around and give u time to relax at night and give her cuddles. (If she's already a bit tame)
    I have rooster in the house. He has certain areas he poops, (only 3 a day are smelly) and the rest are easy to pick up and put in bin, and he has a quiet spot in the laundry in a parrot cage with a branch to roost on and food and water.
    Chickens are social. Let her hang with you :) you might get a good house pet out of it.
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