Hello, my name is Nicole and we are new to BYC


Jun 6, 2017
We have had chickens for a little over a year now and are on our third clutch. It's been quite a ride. Good and bad. We have lost quite a few to foxes, and some more mysteriously. I hope to gain much knowledge and understanding about chickens,and ducks. We just took in 6 young ducks too. So far so good. But we have lost several of our chickens. We only have 11 now. Our frizzle rooster is suffering right now. He has lost all of his spunkiness. His comb has turned a dark shade of red and he barely moves. He is eating and drinking very little . I could use some,advice if any of the vague symptoms I have mentioned sound Like something familiar. I have given him Vetrx and 1 dose of tylan 50 . Not surw if he shoukd have more . Ive put electrolytes in the wayer as well. Any advice woyld be very appreciated.

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ps you need to check out the predator threads to find out how to keep predators from lunching on your flock. Otherwise they will keep coming back till all birds are gone.

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