Hello need some help Sick RIR


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7 Years
Apr 9, 2012
I got off work and she was just sitting under the front of the 4 Wheeler panting from the heat I thought nothing of it until about a hour later she is still there has not moved so I walk towards her she still does not move?? We pick her she does nothing my wife looks her over and find a few ants on her but not to many but enough to make her get up and move. Now we put her in a pin to rest on the back porch and she just leaves her legs laying flat underneath her pouring to her rear? She sipped a little water I went and gathered the eggs and found a undeveloped egg with no shell just a soft skin type material our daughter is worried please help if you can out of 10 we have only lost one to a infected crop so this is not looking good thank you all
The shell-less egg probably isn't a big deal unless she has them all of the time. But she may be having a heatstroke or need cooling off. Sometimes you can dip them in a pan of cool water or the sink and lower their body temperature. If you have any pedialyte or gatorade, the electrolytes might do her good. I hope you can figure out her problem. For her egg problem, make sure she is getting plenty of crushed oystershell besides her layer feed. A calcium tablet or a tums today might help.

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