Hello, new chicken… momma? Keeper?

Scout Salem

In the Brooder
Jun 15, 2022
Hey y’all, I’m Scout. 👋🏼 I live outside of Nashville with my partner, and our apparently ever-multiplying bunch of pets and livestock. I grew up with my mom raising chickens, but this is my first time keeping poultry of my own. I just became the caretaker of four bantam chicks, two Cayuga ducklings, and two blue Indian runner ducklings today. I’m looking forward to the eggs and the antics. I absolutely love animals of all sorts, and I’m really excited and nervous about my new flock. I’ve Google about 1,000 things since their arrival this morning, and as it kept leading me back here with the answers to all of my questions, I figured I should probably just join, already, and go directly to the source. Happy to meet y’all!

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