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  1. New to chickens - received 6 hen chicks approx 13 months ago: 2 Rhode Island Red, 2 Dominique and 2 Golden Sexlink. Raised in house until out to a 10' x 40' completely enclosed chicken wire coop with human door & small hen house door and added ramps (formerly for a parrot that passed years ago). In the afternoon I let them roam around the fenced 1 acre with my 2-1/2 year old female German Shepherd (supervised of course) I am surprised how well they get along. Returning from vet two days ago (Rattlesnake vaccination for Shepherd) we walked down to "release the Hens". As always, the 6 hens were "jogging in place" waiting to get out - opened large door and away they went -except for Candi - a Golden Sexlink who just stood there almost appearing confused. I approached, picked up her and examined for any obvious injuries - none. (NOTE: Had noticed the week before the typical 6 eggs every day had dropped to 3-4 with a couple broken, and one "soft" in the nest. Discovered a small tunnel about the size of my fist under the chicken wire/wood fence - couldn't find tracks but suspicion a weasel) - filled with concrete - and continue to monitor the perimeter every day for other signs of entry Coop also has a dusk/dawn light and video camera for remote viewing inside the house on TV. When I put Candi down she stood for a moment then slowly dropped with her head resting on the ground - eye lids slowly closing. Placed her in front of camera and closed coop to prevent intrusion by "sisters" or others. Monitored while researching on the internet as to possible causes. Brought her inside the house - cardboard box with heat lamp, syringed mixture of Gatorade, water, few drops of olive oil, with mashed hen food. She will not voluntarily eat or drink which I am afraid will likely dictate she end. Even tried the Epsom salt warm water bath in the kitchen sink - few hours later she jumped up on the edge of the box and apparently, continued to sleep with head down below feet on the box. About an hour later PLUNK! A fully formed healthy egg drops into the box. She starts to "wobble a bit" so I place her back in the box on the towel. Still won't eat or drink. Don't know if something major inside wrong (tumors, cancer, heart....etc.?) or if I am doing the right thing forcing "mixture broth" and "water - Gatordae". I am approx 40 minutes from meaningful shopping but plan on picking up "emergency poultry" supplies next time in town. It will be two full days since first noticed. (Thought she might have lost weight a while back but has always been extremely active - one of the "first learners" (bug eating- exploring, etc) I am afraid she either ate something bad or is affected by the venom of something? (Have Rattlesnakes, scorpions, tarantulas, bumble bees, etc.) Am I going too far with this poor creature? Doesn't seem to be suffering- just lethargic. If walking by or unusual noise eyelids open, she'll look around, then head back down on the towel. Really thought the problem was solved when the egg dropped yesterday, (believe there had been some yolk material previously from the vent) but now seems as though perhaps instinct just took over for a few hours and "over ruled" her other difficulties as she lapsed back into lethargy after the egg "dropping". My "flock" is more of a group of pets than anything else - but friends and neighbors sure like the brown eggs!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Going to try some more hydration. Thanks.
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    Can you take her to the vet?
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    Hi and welcome to BYC - you have some great advice already so I'll just say hello!

    All the best
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    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :)
  5. Could not reach my regular vet so started accumulating as much 411 as possible. Will be picking up essentials tomorrow. Kandi (misspelled earlier lol) seems a little better, thought she was going to actually peck at some food but no. (I can catch her interest by dropping crushed mash in front of her). She seems more alert and has stood up a few times.- walked a foot or two then sat and fell asleep. She may have something more serious but I am still hopeful it was something she ate and is "shaking it off". Still must hand feed water/food but she accepts and swallows apparently without difficulty. Not real sure how much to feed, try feeling the crop but again, no experience other than seeing a full one on a healthly bird. Think I need to be a bit more aggressive with feeding - but she puts up a fight.......but will manipulate and swallow. Appreciate your suggestion, I'll find out more tomorrow. Thank you.
  6. (thought I sent a reply but not sure if it worked) Hello, thanks for responding. I couldn't get hold of my Vet so researched everything I could - heading to town to pick up essentials for sick birds. I think Kandi (spelled it wrong the other day....lol) is doing a little better, though still not drinking/eating on her own but starting to display some good signs (wiping her beak on the floor after feeding) I can get her a little more focused by dropping pieces of mash in front of her, but she's not quite ready to peck. Still think she may have ingested something bad - I have discovered I have many potentially dangerous plants/bushes that "semi-free range" chickens could get into. Kandi was a head of most others when it came to exploring and new experiences - like eating insects. Anyway, she has stood up numerous times today, even walked a couple of feet but gets tired quickly. Of course could be something more serious that all the TLC in the world can't cure, but I am hopeful she will keep getting better. Thanks for the response and excellent suggestion.

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