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9 Years
Aug 28, 2010
Cedar Springs, Michigan
Hello everyone~ I'm Missy and I'm from Cedar Springs Mcihgan and just aquired a Sebastopol Goose, a gander. He will be a year old this spring and I just got him Thursday night. He is absolutely GORGEOUS and I never owned a goose before, I do have a special needs female Rouen who was born with a birth defect, left leg/elbow born complete bent and unable to straighten, and a drake fawn/white runner. I got those 2 end of March, and well they ended up laying and now I have 9 beautiful 5mth old Rouen/Runner crosses. My goose is currently with my ducks however I have ordered a Goose Diaper for him to keep inside as our house pet, he has taken to me as his already. Here are my ducks and my goose.

This is Sebastian my Sebastopol Goose


Oreo(Special Needs Rouen)

Ming-Ming (Runner)

And their 5mth old babies

I hope to gain a lot of knowledge on this magnificant breed of goose the Sebastopol.
How Cute!! I love Sebastian too. He's such a handsome guy!

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Sebastian seems to really like my Great Dane, and my Great Dane her. She is the most gentlest docile breed of dog. She treats every one of my animals as her own. She loves and protects and tolerates. She is a special needs Great Dane, she is completely deaf, blind in her left eye, and visually impaired in her right. Her and Sebastian go good together, both white both with blue eyes.

I can't believe your Sebastian has already accepted the dog, you're so lucky - and they're so cute together!

My goose still squeaks and hisses whenever one of the cats come running or sneaking around a corner - and he's lived with them since he was eight days old.
AWWWWWW! Gorgeous birds! If I had that many babies in the house without diapers on id be dead meat. But it looks like so much fun!!
Oh he will have a diaper soon, it's on order. But I wipe, spray with disinfectent, enjoy him, repeat. LOL! He and my boys were playing "Tickle Torture" tonight, he was mouthing them on their neck and back and gave the new meaning to "Goose Bumps". Here is one picture of the play date. He's such a social chatty guy.

Then I thought this was a pretty picture of him after he got done playing in the bath tub

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