Hello! Please help--mean roosters!!


6 Years
Sep 11, 2013
Hi, I'm Brooke! Just moved to Georgia from coastal Florida and know nothing about raising birds but sort of fell into it. The house we are leasing has 3 goats, 1 hen in a cage, 1 pig and 4 naughty and very aggressive roosters. The owner could not take the animals with him so we agreed to care for them. We are enjoying it very much. The problem is we are being attacked and stalked my these 4 roosters daily. My children are very young and afraid now to go back in the animal pen. The owner has told us he will get rid of them (shoot them) but I don't want them to die, I just don't want them on the property!!! What is the alternative? Would it be cruel to drive them a few miles down the road and let them out in a rural / wooded area?
Thank you!!!
DO NOT RELEASE THEM! could cause MAJOR havoc plus they may find there way back who knows. have you call your local SPCA or animal shelters to see if they can be surrendered. alot of shelter up her in NE rescue and rehome roosters... have you tried to aproach them slowly on your terms?
Thank you. I called the local animal shelter and left them a message.

We are not trying to come into contact with the roosters at all. in fact, its just the opposite. They are free ranging and as we are out playing or feeding the animals will , our of nowhere, pounce on us. They haven't gotten us with a spur but its just a matter of time.
If you know where they roost at night, you can catch them and put them in a pen or coop. Such behavior should not be tolerated around children. There is too much potential for serious injury.
I agree! It's just not worth having them around--at all!! I wish someone would reply to my Craigslist ad for free roosters lol!
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

I agree with Sourland, those birds should be confined to protect your children. Do not underestimate the damage a rooster can do to a small child.
I have been on the receiving end of a mean Rooster. Not a battle for kids. It needs to go. Good Luck.

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