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9 Years
Mar 1, 2010
Plainfield, CT
Hello to all. I am from Connecticut. Northeast corner...small town called Plainfield. I am very new to this, but very interested in starting my own back yard flock. I have been looking over the different coops here and I have to say that I love them. I spend hours looking at them...the wife just laughs at me. So I've gotten some awesome ideas for a coop...not looking for something too big, but also not very small. I am looking to have between 3 and 6 hens...probably going to go with Rhode Island Reds......from what I've read they seem to be a good breed and will take the winter months here in new England pretty well....plus I think the majority of the chicks at my local Agway and Tractor Supply stores have mostly these when the chicks arrive. I have a ton of questions and I am sure with the help of you members of this great site, I will get most of them answered. If anyone would like to drop me a line with some quick pointers, feel free....I will take all the advice and tips I can get.....

Happy to be here,

from Ohio. So glad you joined. It is a great site. I think you will like it here. There are a lot of great folks here that are ready to help whenever they can. You just have to ask.

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