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    Hello, my name's Ali. [​IMG] I joined this forum a while back and midly posted as i've raised dozens of chicks. Unfortunately, predators wiped out all of my flock, and I couldnt bring myself to add any more chickens to my life for the moment-i'm currently working on building a nice sturdy run so I can order some chicks next spring. My main focus and venture are my dairy goats-I show and breed nigerian dwarf goats and toggenburgs. Anyways, that's besides the point. A few months back, I was at the feed store with a friend and I saw some turkeys. Well, I thought to myself "Hm, I could have a tasty thanksgiving dinner, and donate the other to a homeless shelter." So, I bought two turkey "teenagers". One broad breasted (turned out to be a male) and a blue slate (i'm pretty sure she's a female).

    I quickly realized Blue Slates aren't good for fattening up for thanksgiving whatsoever, so I turned my attention to my Broad Breasted. I went through many makeshift runs, until finally I was able to put them in a 10x10 dog run. As I quickly learned-turkeys like to perch. I put up several perches, but my Blue Slate constantly escaped every night. After awhile, I began just letting the turkeys run free during the day, and then go in the kennel (with my goats) at night. I suddenly realized how personable and friendly turkeys were, and even considered not butchering my male as he was so.."cuddly". However, one night, my Broad Breasted somehow managed to escape. I found him...well...parts of him...strewn about my driveway in the morning. I was devistated.

    So, now i'm left with my one turkey, "Dinner". I've decided to keep her, in the hopes she'll begin to lay eggs eventually. Not to mention she's extremely friendly. She follows me like a dog, and if she wants something she'll run to under my window and make strange little turkey noises until I can come outside. [​IMG] However, I have a few questions:

    1-I've found a way to keep her inside the dog kennel at night, but she won't use any of the perches. They're large wooden dowels, however I think they may be up too high for her. Normally I would just put them lower, but the point of the perches were so she could sit above the goats at night and not have to worry about them stepping on her. When I lower the perches, my goats knock them down. [​IMG] What should I do about this problem? I'm in the works of building a chicken/turkey coop, but erm...at the rate things are going, this might take awhile...

    2-Where can I find her a turkey friend? There's never any advertised on CL in my area, hatcheries have pretty much all stopped shipping (not to mention I only want ONE, not 25!). At the moment, she LOVES my goats. She follows them around and goes in their pen during the day with them. However-this is quite a burden, as I have to go out super early, feed the goats, feed the turkey while she's NOT in the pen (Turkey food is really bad for the goats), and then before I leave go BACK and toss her into the pen. (I'm in San Diego county if anyone here knows of anyone)

    3-When will she start laying eggs? And what should I give her to lay them in? I've never seen a turkey nestbox or anything or the sort. Do they lay eggs in the same consistency as chickens?

    Thanks for answering my questions! I really enjoy my turkey, my hope is next spring to hatch some of my own out. [​IMG]
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    Hi, I'm new to turkeys myself I have 2 blue slates but have been reading alot and from what I have read they only lay from spring to early summer.[​IMG]
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    Did either of the turks ever roost? The ht. isn't the problem (some of our 3-4 wk. olds could get on roof of shed (about 9ft) climbing/flying ascent - wings flapping claws in siding as they went up. They can be trained; go out after dark and plunk her down on the roost (make sure to keep her wings pinned to body and don't let go until her feet are firmly gripping roost - last resort). If you can get bird netting over the run, do so Whether you find her a friend, or not, she'll be over the fence in the spring out hunting down/making a nest (best to provide a safe/acceptable nest for her). You might check the subforum: https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewforum.php?id=26 and post in Cali. thread - know there are members in region with turks.

    This thread has some good info: https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=92240

    could try 2x4's, ours like to `strut the planks'

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