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Jun 14, 2022
I am the proud mama of sixteen chickens, fourteen ducks, and seven dogs ranging from 5 pounds to 86 pounds, thus the reason I call myself Critter Central. I've had chickens all my life having grown up on a farm. My girls tend to follow me everywhere. I have three in particular that think every time I have an outside project that I need their help. They're also very generous and love to share their dust baths with me. The youngest set of ten are only three months old but are starting to learn the behavior as well. The younger chicks are only three months old and grew up with the ducks. It's kind of strange seeing them snuggle into the duck's kennel with them instead of roosting at night. Needless to say, I've got my hands full. I'm currently researching the best duck pond ideas trying to give my babies everything they need to stay healthy and a way to entertain themselves when they aren't running around the yard. My two youngest dogs, an Akita mix and German Shephard mix, have a game they like to play with each other that almost looks like tag. They chase each other until one nudges the other with her nose and then darts off expecting to be chased. My shephard mix, Ellie, thinks that game should work with the ducks. She taps them with her nose and darts away only to stop and stare at them when they don't chase her. The ducks are so used to her that they simply ignore her for the most part. Sometimes Quackers, the self appointed duck queen, will run after her flapping her feathers causing Ellie to run away 'playing her game'. I'm pretty sure Quackers thinks Ellie is afraid of her. LOL Never a dull moment in my backyard.

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