Jul 14, 2016
Hi my name is Julie and I live in ny. We had 3 hens and oNE rooster. They were free range until dusk. Last night we lost a hen and the rooster. I worry about my two remaining hens. Can I get a new rooster/hen? Our chickens coexist with our dogs...the rooster kept everyone in line. I don't want to keep the chickens shut in. ..what can I do?
Hi Julie and welcome to BYC. Assuming you lost your birds whilst they were free ranging, then constructing a covered run will secure your remaining birds. You may wish to check out the Coops and Runs forum for ideas. Adding new flock members is not a problem - here's a couple of links. It may be prudent to secure your existing birds before making additions.



Good luck
and please do not rely on flimsy chicken wire, it keeps chickens in but does NOT keep predators out. They can slice through it like butter.

Instead use 1/2" hardware cloth securely (not with plastic ties) affixed to the framing. A run cover is great, if solid - it can offer some protection from the elements & also provide shade. If wire, it will keep out climbers, jumpers & raptors.
Hi and welcome to BYC! I'm sorry to hear about that. Introduction of new birds can be tricky, but I'd say it's worth it in the long run. Thanks for joining us!

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