May 10, 2016
(1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens?
I have had chickens for 2.5 years.
(2) How many chickens do you have right now? I have 50 including my guineas.

(3) What breeds do you have? I have Rhode Island Reds, White leghorns, polish, frizzles, blue and gold partridge brahmas, light brahmas, black and copper Marion a blue Marion, Calico Cochin bantams, silkies, bantams of all colors, Americana, Bielefelders, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Barred Rock, one white red laced Cornish hen I got by accident.

(4) How did you find out about BackYardChickens.com? Internet

(5) What are some of your other hobbies? Hunting and fishing and my husband races.

(6) Tell us about your family, your other pets, your occupation, or anything else you'd like I have two beautiful girls and one beautiful amazing grandbaby and an amazing husband . I am very active in everything! I have two Chihuahuas and one Mastiff! My husband has raced for 30 years and I hunt and fish he doesn't and of course love my chickens! The local Feed Store calls me The Crazy Chicken lady I do not mind I love my chickens and my six guineas

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