In the Brooder
Aug 27, 2019
Bay Area, California
I am new to backyard chicken and I joined because one of my new chicks is not doing well.

I have had chickens in the past, but moved back to apartment life in the city and couldn't keep my chickens. My mom helped me re-home them to a wonderful lady who loves chickens. I have finally been able to have chickens again and jumped at the chance (and I am wondering why as I feel so worried about one of my chicks!).

I got 7 chicks that were hatched 7/29 and I picked them up when they were 3 weeks old. I have 2 cream legbars, 2 Delaware's, 2 cuckoo Marans, and one white crested black polish (who is not doing well). I am hoping to have a happy healthy flock!

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