Jun 1, 2020
(1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens?
4 years ago my FIL started to raise broilers, we would help him butcher, last year we took the plunge and raised 50 meat birds,25 layers and 4 turkeys
our turkeys were Orloop Bronze, we loved the turkeys and were such good eating, our layers are rhode island reds, sweet ladies, the frankenstein bird( cornish crosses) kept us in chickens for the winter.
We are now trying to move away from the Cornish cross and get into dual purpose for our meat birds
we are also building a heritage turkey herd

(2) How many chickens do you have right now?
23 layers 1 yr old
4 ridley bronze turkeys 1yr old

In My incubators
12 sweet grass turkey eggs day 8
34 Ridley Bronze turkeys day 11
22 buff Bramhas day 10
18 mixed layers day 10

in my Brooder 18 barred rocks
to be delivered June 9 100 Frankenstein birds (my daughters nickname for Cornish Cross). Hopefully our last year for these birds

to be delivered in 2 weeks 10 Jersey Giant chicks
and 2 doz eggs

(4) What are your favourite aspects of raising backyard chickens?
Entertainment. dang they are fun to watch
self sufficiency. and the ability to offer eggs and meat to our friends and family that are free range and more ethically raised

(5) What are some of your other hobbies?

(6) Tell us about your family, your other pets, your occupation, or anything else you'd like to share.
my husband and i have 12 children, 27 to 2, we home school and have home-schooled for 22 years. We have 2 grandchildren, 3 kids in College and 8 still at home.

(7) Bonus: How did you find BYC, how long have you known about BYC, and what made you finally join our awesome community?

Googling info on raising chicks and Backyard
chickens popped upp and WOW what a wealth of info!!

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