Sister Melissa

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Jun 3, 2020
We are raising our first chickens and want to learn more. I’ve learned a lot from here already just by googling questions.

We have seven 7-8 week old chicks. We started with 8 but sadly one only lasted a couple of days. The rest are growing and thriving though. We’ve gotten past the phase where I worry about them all the time and we have them free ranging now. We’re raising them for the eggs.

We think we have 6 ISA hens and 1 Rhode Island Red rooster. Hard to know for sure at this point. We got them at Tractor Supply and were told they were leghorn hens, so who knows. Though we weren’t expecting any roosters we’ll keep him as long the neighbors don’t complain.

We’re in MA and are working to get a nice coop set up for them before the winter months. We realized pretty quickly the one we started with is too small and not the best set up but it’s working just fine for now.

We also have 3 cats and a dog, all of whom completely ignore the chickens.

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