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Dec 4, 2018
Lakeside, Oregon
Hi everyone! I've just hatched my first duckling (Nelson) from store bought Braddock White eggs and I have 6 runner duck eggs in the incubator. What started as a lockdown experiment with my toddler has resulted in a new family member and a bit of a duck obsession! Nelson is now two weeks old, getting huge and a lot of attention while we build a duck run and wait for the next ducklings to hatch. I was completely unprepared by how quickly we would all get attached to Nelson and having no previous experience with ducks I have panicked over everything and worried about all the things that could go wrong since the moment we set the eggs in the incubator. However, after stumbling across this site I have had constant reassurance and advice and every question I have had has been answered. The picture shows Nelson at about a week old.
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Welcome to BackYardChickens! So glad to have you here in our wonderful community of friendly, helpful, knowledgeable people!

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