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Dec 23, 2020
Hi all,
Just wanted to say Hi and thanks for all the helpful advice as I have been checking topics even before registering.
A little bit about our flock:

We got chickens in April (10) and again in August (4).
Our flock is very colorful with 2 buffs, 2 olive eggers, 3 amerecanas (1 rooster), 1 barred rock, 1 Cooper maran, 1 blue laced red, 1 Colombian wyndatte and 1 Russian orrloff.

Mae got chickens as a way to get our feet wet with homesteading and as a way to provide organic and healthy eggs for our family. They are also a pet that we settled in since we aren’t crazy about dogs or cats at this point.
We are a sports family and deer hunters. Basically, anything outdoors.

My family is myself Jordan and my wife Steph and our four kids; Judah 8, Eden 6, Ezra and Micah 5 twins. I am a children’s pastor and Steph is a stay at home, home school and small business owner. We live in Oley, Pa.

looking forward to learning and connecting with you all.

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