In the Brooder
Jul 7, 2021
Hello everyone! I am an early 40's Mom of 3 Human children. One Fur Baby, and 6 feathered children. Married to a USMC disabled veteran. We currently live in NE Florida. Our chickens are all named, and all different breeds. We keep them free ranging, and in an Omlet tractor coop. Steven (leg horn hen) Richard (jersey giant hen) Cuccoo (brahma hen) Cardi C(hicken) (australorp hen) Sookie (Cinnamon Queen Roo,) and Ragnar (silver laced wyndonette roo.) The roosters have a separate sleeping arrangement, and free range all day. The 4 Hens are 3 years old, and the Roos are about 6 months. It definitely keeps us busy! We are happy to meet you all!

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