In the Brooder
Jul 25, 2021
Hello! I am so excited to be part of this group of people. I have always loved chickens. My kitchen had too many for my kids to count. Once they were older and I had time, I got my first flock - 6 chicks just after Mother's Day. Unfortunately one leghorn (foghorn) was a rooster and a neighbor called the health department and he was moved to a local farm. I miss his crowing, and some of my other neighbors do as well. I have one other leghorn, 2 rhode island blues and 2 lavendar orphingtons. I enjoy them. I had a person make a wonderful coop and run and I sit with them each day and just enjoy them. They are simply beautiful. This group is my go to source for information!
Isn't it a shame when somebody ruins it for everyone else?

My miniature goats were extremely popular in my backyard; even local police officers stopped to visit. Then, a Realtor discovered a city ordinance that forbid having the goats within 100 feet of any POTENTIALLY existing building. The next-door neighbor loved my goats and had no intention of putting up a building or complaining. But, they had to go. So, I first moved them, then me to the country.

I'm glad you got to keep your girls, and that you enjoy them so much! Congrats on the coop build.

Welcome to BYC; I hope it will continue to be an invaluable resource -- and that you make some friends along the way.

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