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  1. Buzz4401

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    Dec 16, 2009
    Lower Alabama
    Hello everyone,

    I have been lurking for a few days and decided to finally say hi. I am thinking of starting a backyard chicken project/coop. I have been reading up on the subject now for a few weeks now. I have a okay background in taking care of animals (I have cats, mice ,rats ,and snakes as pets, Oh and the mare,wife's horse) but have never been around chickens except when visiting friends that have barns(where the mare is kept). I am intrested in trying my hand at it, and from what I read it looks addicting. I did some zoning research (like suggested by the site) and I can have chickens on my property in the city. However I must watch the noise levels. I have plenty of room, I have an acre back yard that drops down to a creek and forested area. How much noise do hens make in general? I was thinking of raising hens for some fresh eggs and see where it might take me from there. (They also have a county fair that a few people show their chickens at every year. It sounds fun.)

    I love building things and have buit several mice and rat racks/ cages to house all the little buggers, and a coop doesnt seem out of my league to build. I have read several differnt post reference size space for each bird. What I would like to know, Is there a good number of birds to start with. I was thinking 3 birds to get my feet wet, but then read that introducing new birds to a flock is hard to do... Any suggestions on this?
    This will also influnce the size coop I am going to build. I will be building off the back of my shed. I already have a covered area on the back where the lawn tractor sits. I am moving the tractor to a new shed(christmas present). The covered area is 12ft out from the shed and about 8 ft deep. I could also make a run out from the area. I was going to start construction when my son visits after Christmas, Father/ son thing.

    Anywho, I ramble sorry, any help/suggestion/opinion would be awesome. I guess I maybe overthinking all of this, but I hate jumping in without at least some information.

    Thanks in advance
  2. AmyBella

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    May 26, 2009
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    Sounds like you have the makings of a great coop already! Check out the FAQ section for all of the space requirements and stuff. You are going to love having chickens!
  3. onthespot

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    If it was me, I'd start out with more chicks, like a dozen or more. You can always sell or give away the extras you don't want. That way you get to choose your very favorites, and maybe make back your $ by selling off the extras as you decide they are better off in someone else's pen, or stew pot.

    Welcome to BYC! [​IMG]
  4. Jess N Jeff

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    Oct 25, 2009
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    Sounds like you did lots of research!!! Just a word of advice. When you make your coop...make it reeeeeaaaalllly big!!! You will get addicted!!!! The more chickens you have, the more you want, and don't get me started on the hatching addiction. I am like a junkie needing a fix...I'm so horrible!!!!

    Good luck and enjoy!!!

  5. Buzz4401

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    Dec 16, 2009
    Lower Alabama
    Quote:I already have several still air incubators for my snakes. And I get addicted to hatching them ever summer. I can only imagine hatching chickens....[​IMG] Yikes!!! Bigger incubator .... Big coop. Check.

    Onthespot.. I like that thinking. hmmmm Bigger coop!!!!![​IMG] Yeah construction.....

    Quick question.... I wanna try keeping the mess to a min. I was thinking of laying some concrete on the floor under the overhang to set the coop on. then have a run where they can scratch and such. The concrete is so I can use a scrubber on it to keep it cleaner around the shed. Will concrete hurt the chickens feet in any way?
  6. Woods_Woman

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    Oct 21, 2009
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    Hello [​IMG] I am fairly new myself, so I'll leave the questions to the experts. I've been keeping chickens since June, and I'd like to add research the different breeds. There are so many interesting breeds, and many different personalities and characteristics in each..which is where it can get addicting. Good luck with your future Chickens...Enjoy [​IMG]
  7. pacetruckguy

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    Dec 8, 2009
    Welcome a board!!
    I don't know about your concrete question, but I do know that chickens like to scrath around in the dirt and even bath in it. I just recently built my coop and run and bought 6 chickens. I just got two more yesterday. I think it may be a bit crowded for them at night, because the coop is only 3x5 feet. I do have a 5x16 foot run so they have pleanty of room outside. The introduction of the 2 new hens yesterday was very interesting, but I think it's ok now. They figure each other out pretty fast. Please go on my page and check out my coop. Maybe it will help you to figure out what to do, or not do. I used old barn wood over plywood for asthetiics only. I'm sure you will have fun and this site is full of great advise.[​IMG]
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    HI! I love rats and mice. (I know, wrong forum,) any way, I love chickens too! Welcome to BYC!
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    [​IMG] and [​IMG] from S. Forida! Glad you joined us! Sounds great! You sure know what you're doing too. [​IMG] You can bet its addicting, for sure!! Keep us posted on your progress. Happy chicken keeping. [​IMG]
  10. TheGoldenRoo

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    Oct 15, 2009

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