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    May 24, 2010
    Hi! My name is Amy, I live in Ramona, Ca and I don't have chickens yet but I am doing the research to be prepared for when i do! I am in the process of converting a small part of my garage into a coop. It is closed off from the rest of the garage and has a small garage door (which i think would make cleaning it a breeze) as well as a regular door that opens into the fenced in run. My boyfriend and I have worked in the restaurant business for years and have quite a few wood wine boxes that I think would work great as nesting boxes. I pretty much have everything i need in terms of supplies, just have to finish it all up. I am thinking of starting out with 3-5 chickens. My one major concern is my dogs. I have 2 mutts-one lab pit mix, one that i really am not sure of, maybe dalmatian, pit, hound of some kind? He's a heinz 57 variety! Anyways, they are both around 60-70lbs and pretty good with my cat-chase her a little bit but nothing too serious. However, Snoopy-the mega mutt, has killed birds and mice in the garage before. I am not sure of how they are going to react to the chickens. I am hoping they eventually get bored of barking at them or whatever they are going to do! I do plan on keeping them separate, but when they are in the run I am sure the dogs will want to terrorize them! What is the best way to introduce everyone, and handle everything? Also, any tips on my coop would be welcome!
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    socialize the dogs right from day one... keep the dogs on a leash and praise them and give them lots of treats when they ignore them.... there are many many training methods good luck [​IMG]
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    Nov 2, 2008
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    [​IMG] and [​IMG] from Ohio. Yes start early and make a sturdy pen. [​IMG]
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    Can't really help with the dogs but wanted to say [​IMG]

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