7 Years
May 20, 2012
Hi, I am from the UK so local stuff is not an option, did not realize you were not in the UK till after I had joined .I have kept backyard chickens & ducks for many years but now just a few hens as we have a smaller garden. I am sure we can share some interesting tips on here. sorry I have not been able to upload a photo of my chickens at this time.
Hi edithjones--

WELCOME to the BYC forum!!! -- There are lot of folks on here that are from the UK, so you may be surprised to find some local people.

I found this link in the "where am I, where are you?" part of the forum:


you may also want to check out the omlet forum. Really friendly folks are on that on too. I think this link will take you there..there is one in the USA as well... And lots of folks are in both forums I think:


I believe that you need to have 20-posts before the forum will allow picture uploads....so in a short time you will be able to put up pictures.

In cyberspace, location hardly matters (sometimes). glad that you joined!
Hello and Welcome to BYC from South Africa
Welcome to BYC! The neat thing about the internet is people sharing info from all over. I'm sure you'll make some connections. I was just reading a welcome post from someone in Australia. Enjoy the chickens!

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