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Apr 28, 2013
My name is belinda. We have 12 chickens and 3 wonderful new pekin ducklings which my husband just got me.even though they have a great pen out side I choose to keep them in the house with me.I have never owned ducks before and I have a ton of questions my chickens are great to I also have a rooster with all my girls and he is very protective of his girls we do let our chickens free range however they are great about coming back to there cage at nite by themselves which is great cause I never have to chase them down I love it .my ducks im really protective over so they only go outside when I am outside which is everyday they go swimming and walk the yard but I never let them get to far from me I guess im scared cause I dont know how good they are are protecting themselves they are 2months old . I guess thats about all so I will post some of my questions cant wait to get to know some of u
Greetings from Kansas, bindy003, and
! Pleased to have you aboard! You sound very excited about your ducks and chickens! BYC will be here to help should you need any advice. Good luck and have fun!
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