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Apr 15, 2014
So my family is new to the whole raising chicks this spring. We got our first 3 chicks 2 weeks ago. We have a brown Leghorn, splash Cochin(I think), and a White Rock. I had them in a small plastic tote, but had to move them to my old pack and play last week. They are now testing their wings. Thankfully I have a sheet partly over them or they would be flying out! So that is s a little about my chicks I look forward to learning more from everyone on the board!

Welcome to BYC!

Yes, they do grow very fast and will fly right out of the brooder! Enjoy your new babies and welcome to our flock!
Thanks! Yes the coop is done we just have to do some predator proofing before the chicks move in and they do need to have more feathers. So I bought a premade coop from our local farm supply store do you think I should putsome sort of weather protection on it like you would on a wood deck? I live in northern Nevada and we can get snow in the winter and very hot in the summer? What do you think?
chickens can handle cold much better than heat. You may want to post on your state thread - that can be found at "where am I, where are you," in the social forum. It would be best to get advice from people experiencing your climate, for information on what sort of coop is best. In hot climates - some people have a coop with one or two solid walls and the others made of wire to allow lots of air circulation. Natural or artificial shade is a major requirement, etc.

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