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Apr 18, 2014
Hello everyone! I'm new to be wise see. I inherited my fathers flock of chickens after he passed away two years ago and I'm still trying to get used to everything about raising them. Right now I have around 20 chickens of different types. A female turkey that thinks she's a chicken lol and 4 ducks. Both ducks, two chickens, and my turkey are on eggs right now and will all be hatching out in the next two weeks! I also just purchased two new ducklings and 6 Americaunas that I'm currently keeping inside under a lamp. Hope to get to know some people and get some help and advice on my flock! :)
My post is to say BYC not "be wise see" lol voice to text dint work
That hysterical!

What breeds of chickens did he leave you?
Well I'm still learning and my dad had a mix of different breeds. From what I have looked up I think if have mostly Rhode Island reds, a couple bantys, a Colombian rock, American game bantam, and a brahma. Some he had rescued.
I have a mix, also. They all have very different personalities which makes it interesting.

2 RIRs (Ruth & Roxy)
2 Gollden Comets (Candy & Cinnamon)
2 Plymouth Barred Rocks (Peggy & Penelope)
2 White Leghorns (Lucy & Luna)

All 7 week's old. Turns out Luna is a cockerel, though, so I'm going to have to be giving him to a friend with a farm this weekend. Can't have rooster s where I'm at.

Welcome to BYC!

Wow, baptism by fire!!
Don't worry...your chickens are still working to get you trained!

Enjoy this new adventure you are on. If you have any questions, that is what we are here for. So make yourself at home, and welcome to our flock!

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