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Apr 23, 2014
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I am a proud new owner of four beautiful girls this week and they all have indviual personalities that can't help but make you love them. Audrey is the smallest of them and has found that seating on my shoulder is place she likes to be, Maggie is the fluffiest one who keeps tabs on Audrey at all types and then there Elphaba and Dorothy who are different breeds to the other two. Elphaba is the more daring of the two but they both love picking on the other two togther. If anyone has any food tips or any tips at all that would fantastic:) having chickens is just fantastic :)

Welcome to BYC!

Yes, chicks all have different personalities and are so much fun to raise! Who needs cable when you have Chick TV!

You might want to start with some reading in our learning center for all kinds of articles on raising and keeping your new flock....


As for treats for your flock, and it is best to wait until the are 6 weeks old before you add the goodies, here is a nice treats chart on all the things they might love to snack on for fun and good health....


As for the ones that are picking on the others....make sure you are giving them enough space in the brooder. At least 1/2 square foot per bird at this age and this will need to expand as they grow. Chicks will pick on each other if they are too warm. So keep your heat off to one side, food and water off on the other. That way there are cool spots in the brooder and they have to leave the heat to get to the goods. You don't want the entire brooder to be as warm as it is under the lamp. Keep the thermometer on the floor directly beneath the lamp. They should be started out between 90 and 95 degrees. You want to lower the heat by 5 degrees each week for 6 weeks. Use a red or infra red bulb. White light can cause aggression. Do not cover the lid of the brooder with anything but a screen or wire for good heat and oxygen exchange.

So if you have followed all these guidelines and they are still picking each other, then try lowering your heat right now about 3 or 4 degrees and see if this doesn't stop the aggression.

Good luck with your new babies! Enjoy them now as they grow so fast. Welcome to our flock!

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