11 Years
Sep 16, 2008
Northern Ontario
So hello there!

I don't have any chickens. I don't even have a coop. I do however, have an illness. At first my family and I were very concerned, but then I found this place and I realised, many many wonderful people have this illness and survive very well!

For about two months I have eaten, slept and dreamed of chickens. I have ammassed hours and hours of research all of which just makes the itch even worse.

I bought 530sq ft of plywood for $40 and some insulation that is now occupying the shed....I've drawn and re-drawn plans ( as I learn what my chicks will need )...it's all I can talk about.

I really thought I was going daft, and then I found your forum....I am not alone

I won't be building until next spring so I've got lots of time to learn!
I'm sorry about your illness. But at least you have found a outlet here on BYC!!! Welcome, were glad your here!!!! Take your time, read watch and listen to the wonderful people on this site. They will steer you in the right direction!!!!! Keep the questions coming,,,pretty smart chicken people hang out here,,,
This is exactly the place you need to be. You are right about the illness. I found that it can lie dormant for fifty years than a virulent outbreak can reoccur. I went from no plans to ever have chickens again (hated them as a child) to having 40. Now my yard has an 8x8 coop with a 16x16 run, an 8x8 rooster pen, a 2x4 coop with a 4x4 cage, a 2x10 tractor pen, and visions in my mind of expansion. There is no cure for this sickness.
It's funny how a person can get it without any contact with a known carrier or an actual chickengerm too. Mysterious...

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