May 13, 2015
My name is lyle I live near montello Wi and have chicken for the first time. I have 5 bantums 8 cornish x (which I'm not crazy about) and six Americanas I'm excited to have a place to direct questions and learn all about them
Hi Lyle, welcome to BYC!

If you haven't already been to the Learning Center, check it out...there are a lot of very good articles there dealing with all aspects of raising chickens. If you have questions, feel free to ask.

Good luck with your new flock and it's nice to have you here!
Welcome to Backyard Chickens Lyle :welcome Chickens are so much fun, you'll definitely enjoy them! It's probably a good thing that you aren't very fond of the Cornish crosses, because they are known as being meat birds with extremely short life spans, sadly. You can also fill free to ask me questions about chickens :)
Did you know when you got them, that Cornish x are meat birds? They have explosive growth, which burns out their organs very early. They are bred to be processed for the table very young. If not they will die soon anyway. Maybe you could trade them to someone else.
Right now I have a flock of very cool mix matched bantums and I'm loving having them around and so are my kids
And I'm sorry I never responded to the welcome post I've had a hard time figuring this sight out lol

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