HELP……. I think they are boys


5 Years
Feb 10, 2014
But now Im not sure…….

#1 Leghorn? Male?

#1 head shot

#2 head shot

#2 Leghorn? Male?

#3….same thing…...

Was going to ask about this one….but he just crowed!
How old are they? They're not pure Leghorns. I'm leaning toward white Rocks, but those colored feathers on the throat/chest are throwing me. Are those feathers really colored or did they eat something that stained them?

I'm not seeing anything roosterish about the white birds, but reserve a final opinion pending age.
I agree, if the buff/reddish feathers on the chest are true to color and not stains, then these aren't pure white Leghorn. Amberlink, perhaps. One of the commercial hybrids, any way.

How old are they? I believe that these are all female (except the obvious dark cockerel) pending age confirmation.
x3 ...depending upon the age

And can see the red bars on the wing bows of the black bird...a dead give away for a that crowing!

Seriously, I think the Leghorn mixes are girls if they are 12 to 14 weeks or so of age.

Lady of McCamley
They are 11 weeks old and the "color" on the chest is just cause it is a very messy eater :)
...and here in rainy Oregon, I have NO "white" birds, let alone the watermelon stains.
Actually, amazingly, they keep whiter than I thought they would.

Lady of McCamley

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