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Sep 17, 2008
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Hello all.
Please help me.
I got 5 hens from a local farm at the beginning of June. 1 each of Americana, Auracana, Black sex link, Cukoo Maran, & Buff Orpington. Our understanding is that they were about 3 months from being hatched.
Now we are having a few issues. #1-NO EGGS !!!!!! They seem to be doing all of the nesting and squaking, but no eggs. How long does it take? What signs can I look for?

#2, our smallest girl, June, the Cukoo Maran, is now our largest, and is exhibiting some dominent characteristics and is starting to get a red crown and gobble. Is she a rooster?
Our sex link is doing the same, is she?

Does anyone have pix of hens and roosters of these two breeds so i can tell?

We are really frustrated!

#3, I think one of my dogs is allergic to the chicks, her skin is aweful since we got them. Any suggestions?

Thanks so much for the help .


My guess is, your girls combs and wattles are getting really red becasue they are about to start laying. I would think the Sex link should have already started (they seem to start early) but they tend to go on their own schedule.
They will usually start cackling and squatting, getting red combs, etc. before starting to lay. Some do it for a long time, some right before. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Oh, and a big huge
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do you have them on layer feed?
do you hear any Rooing, when they are young it sound like a teenager going through a voice change, they just cant get out right

put a golf ball or a white fake egg in there nest to see if that helps w/ them feeling comfortable w/ laying in there nests, they like a darker area to lay there eggs in.
like a closed in box with just the front opened.

for your dog, you can give in liquid Benadryl you go by the weight of the dog, my dog, he weighs 75 lbs so i give him 1/2 teasp. to help with the itching

call your vet and see how much to give him.
Can I ask for pics?
That can help if you really think any are a roo.

I'm sure they sound like hens from what you say. And the Marans do get large!

Laying can occur between 20-30 weeks in most breeds... some sooner, some later! They really just start when they feel ready... you seem to be getting a lot of the signs though.

I'm pretty new to this too, but chickens just seem so simple! In fact, its egg checking time here... no early layers around here.
Since you started it-- don't you mean the Ameraucana police.

Dreamland-- All you can do is wait. Put the falsey egg in the nest. If they were roos, you would likely have heard that pitiful crow Laura mentioned.
When pullets are getting ready to start laying eggs, their combs and wattles will start getting more red, instead of pink. So, maybe you have two girls that will start laying soon!

As for you dog, it may be allergic to chickens. It may also be allergic to chicken feed or chicken feed residue in chicken poop. Grains, especially whole grains, don't always get completely digested by chickens and a lot of dogs have grain allergies, especially to corn. Many dogs eat chicken feed or poop, when they can get it. Hey, they are dogs.

Also, you might take a look at anything you are using for coop litter or to line nest boxes with. Sometimes people with small mammals as pets develop allergies and it turns out to be an allergy to hay, instead of to the animal.

Good luck on the eggs and the allergies.

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