Help!! 2 of my chickens have pus coming from their eyes!!!

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    Apr 22, 2008
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    I went out to feed my chickens this am and 2 of them have pus coming from their eyes. Thay have had cold symptoms, but I attributed it to stress from a recent dog attack. Now a few others are sneezing too. What is it and what do I need to give them???
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    Could be Infectious Coryza or Infectious Laryngotracheitis or a number of things. Coryza smells bad, a clue for you on that disease. I'm not the person to ask about this; if that was happening in my flock, the birds would be culled immediately. So many diseases make them permanent carriers and can infect others when under stress, called "shedding the disease". What I will say is do NOT give them Terramycin. It's useless for something like this. Probably Gallimycin would be where to start, if you want to medicate them. Here are a couple of good articles to start with.
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    Quote:Exactly right & if everyone followed this advice there would be very few post in this particular categoey..

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