Help!!! -20 Windchill, what do I do???

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    Help someone!! I have two hens out in my coop, both with average sized single combs. The windchill is supposed to get down to -20ish. Their coop is warmer without much of a draft at all, if any, but their combs are looking a little pale and maybe discolored at the tips. I know you're not really supposed to take them inside, but I'm REALLY concerned. It's FREEZING out there. Any thoughts??? Please!! I could bring them back out in a couple days when it warms back up so it wouldn't be such a cold shock.
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    If they're combs are already frostbitten and you feel like they're lives are in danger I'd bring them into the coldest room in your house. This cold snap shouldn't last long so you could take them out in a few days without much of a shock.
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    Thank you, I think I'll bring them in because it's just ridiculous out there. Thanks:) Stay warm!
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    If you're worried and especially if you fear they're in danger from the cold, then bring them in. You can easily do that with two. Find them a dark and quiet spot in the house and let them "sleep in".

    Everyone's circumstances are different and you have to do what feels right for you.
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    Thanks guys, I would never have been able to sleep tonight thinking of them being out there in this. Tonight's going to be the coldest, but last night we had a friend whose chicken froze to death from being outside because she completely refused to go back in the coop. It was really sad. I feel so much better knowing they're safe inside. These are my first two chickens so I'm still learning to not be so over protective, it's taking time though!

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